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In order to make it easier for you to plan your vacation and to look for a GFC Golf Club, we have created various filters such as destination, holes and continent. In addition you can search directly for a certain Golf club name or city. Furthermore, you can use the map in order to find your preferred Golf club.

Golf clubs

The Golf Fee Card discount is granted on official daily green fees (18 holes) and rack rates only and cannot be combined with any other reduction. If you already benefit from green fee discounts through a partner hotel or a special offer from the club, further GFC price reductions are not applicable. In such cases, it is up to you to decide which discount you prefer.
Green fee reductions are not applicable during competitions unless specifically noted.

Please also comply with the golf club's registration deadline. If nothing different is indicated, please book your tee time at least 24 hours in advance. You can reserve directly through our homepage, just click on "tee time request".

GOLF FEE CARD Serviceteam created this register based on submitted contracts and information. Golf Card GmbH does not assume any liability for mistakes, in particular if the conditions and terms indicated on our website are not granted. Please see also our terms of business. The GOLF FEE CARD Serviceteam updates the information about our partner clubs regularly, and is therefore entitled to change or exclude participating partner clubs or integrate new golf clubs. Members of GOLF FEE CARD are not entitled to the retention of a contractual relationship with certain golf clubs.


We provide you with a booking portal, which lists more than 1,000,000 hotels worldwide. You may book directly through our cooperation partner. Please state always the membership number of your Golf Fee Card while making your booking. Only in this case you can take advantage of the 4% refund on reservations you make through our cooperation partner. Refunding will be made after your stay.

Golf Packages

Under the category "GOLF PACKAGES", we have compiled and listed all golf packages of our partner. In the search function you can filter by country or search directly for a particular Golf club. The reservation request will be forwarded to our partner Albrecht Golfreisen. On golf packages that you request through our website, you will receive 5 % discount.

Conditions for the Hole In One Bonus

Cover Description

Reimbursement is made if, during an official handicap competition recognized by the individual Golfers Association a hole is completed with one single shot from the tee (hole in one) and if this competition is taking place at an 18-hole-golf club (minimum par 70) which is a GOLF FEE CARD partner. The golf competition must have been publicly announced in advance in the golf club, and the club has to be recognized. Not valid for pros, presidents and employees of golf courses and -clubs.


All people holding a valid GOLF FEE CARD.

Scope Of Cover

For each event mentioned in the cover description, the costs paid for beverages consumed in the club house on the date of the event are reimbursed, however reimbursement is limited to a maximum of € 350.— including the legally applicable VAT. In addition, a receipt for cash payment of the date of event for the beverage costs listing all single items must be handed on.

Territorial Scope

The indemnity is paid if the hole is completed on a German, Austrian or Swiss 18 hole GFC Partner Golf Course (as listed on the homepage).


Evidence has to be presented in writing by sending in the scorecard. The player, his/her marker and the president of the organizing golf club must confirm the hole in one in writing and include their signatures.


In the following we have listed all abbreviations used on this website as well as their meanings.


2for12 golfers play for 1 fee
2plus1 offertwo times regular prices / the 3rd round for free
3plus1 offerthree times regular prices / the 4th round for free